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3 Major Types Of House Cleaning Services

With regards to the services offered by house cleaning companies, they provide flexible frequency actually. You basically have the power of deciding which service to use. You can call them on daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly basis if you would like to employ house cleaners for your house; after all it all depends on your schedule. While you are currently in the process of hiring a house cleaner on a daily basis, they can be a big help in ensuring that your house will stay clean at all times but, a weekly cleaning will be more ideal if you seek for an affordable option.

Aside from the fact that companies offer such service, we can have our house cleaned via private cleaners as well. It’s quite interesting actually that we get all the facilities offered by companies from private cleaners as well. Employing a private cleaner on the other hand may reduce the cost of service effectively but still, the quality and reliability of the service plays a major concern.

In most instances, there are 3 major types of hired help you can get. You may have your home cleaned by any house cleaners as per your requirement and wish. Services that are provided by each of them are nearly the same thus, the costing and quality of service becomes the main area of concern when hiring one.
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Number 1. Freelancer – this is typically described as those who are not insured and licensed and doing several private jobs. Some employed and even unemployed individuals actually do freelancing jobs on part-time basis. The benefit of using such service for cleaning purposes is the fact that you can have the job done on a schedule that’s more suitable for you. What’s more, someone who is not tied to any cleaning organization gives you more power to bargain.
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Number 2. Mother’s helper – referred commonly as house helper, this is a group of people, preferably women who are providing different types of household services. You could get the job done while paying a typical hourly rate.

Number 3. Maid service company – among the cleaning service among the three, this is the most preferred method. Calling a maid service company only ensures that there’s no compromise on work quality. These companies are insured and licensed and thus, you can rely on their services easily. Not only that, they’re offering services either on daily or weekly basis as you want. The charges on the other hand may be a bit higher when compared to freelancers and mother’s help but this does not indicate that their rates are beyond your reach.