The advantage of using a system of “outsourcing”

Many companies now recruit their workforce through labor service company, or better known as outsourcing. Learn more about the outsourcing system. You can see here, to learn more about outsourcing services.
These days various companies that use outsourcing services outsourcing is increasing and so the word becomes audible sound familiar. Unfortunately however, there are many among the prospective workers who have not understood correctly, what exactly is meant outsourcing labor itself.

What was outsourcing?

In the world of Industrial Psychology, recorded outsourced employees are contract workers supplied by a provider of outsourcing. Initially, an outsourcing company providing the kind of work that is not directly related to the company’s core business and do not care about career paths. Such as telephone operators, call centers, security guard and cleaning personnel or cleaning service. But this time, the widespread use of outsourcing to the various lines of the company’s activities.

With the use of labor outsourcing, companies no longer need to provide facilities and meal allowances, to the health insurance. Therefore, the responsible are outsourcing company itself.

Work Systems Outsourcing

Outsourcing of labor recruitment system is actually not much different from the system of recruitment in general. The difference, these employees were recruited by the company provider of services and not by companies that need their services directly. Later, by the provider of service personnel, employees will be sent to another company (client) who need it.

In this work the system, outsource service providers make payment in advance to employees. Then they charge for their services user company. Outsourced employees usually work under the contract, the outsourcing service provider, not by the company service users. For those of you who intend to seek employment via an outsourcing company, before signing a work agreement, it is better to consider a number of points the following:

Duration of the agreement.

Make sure the agreement in accordance with tenure offered. The employment agreement between the employee outsourcing service providers usually follow periods of cooperation agreements between service providers with company employers. It is intended employer if the company wanted to terminate its cooperation with service providers, then at the same time, ended the employment contract between the employee with the employer company.