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Truths of Using Gold Detectors

With the subject of metal detectors, there are just tons of lie lying around especially in gold detectors. Manufacturers of metal detectors are using advertising extensively in hyping their products and make people think that they can discover gold right at the first time they start using such equipment. That isn’t just the case at all time and if you are eager to know the truth behind these detectors, it is best to keep on reading.

All gold detectors are based on same technology – needless to say, there are different models and types but, they’re all variations of same electromagnetic technology. In a gold detector, it is creating magnetic field that reacts with magnetic field of metals on the ground. The metal detector has a capability of converting this reaction to a signal, which tells you that there’s metal found on or underground.

Tuning – this is basically the most integral element of gold detectors. You have to calibrate your detector carefully to receive signals from ground properly. Also, the calibration is going to rely on the material you want to find. Most of the time, the procedure has to be performed by pressing a button, every few minutes, which will again depend on the gold detector that you are using.

Motion – some of the gold detectors are requiring a moderate swinging action while some others require it to be done in a quicker fashion. For you to get the best result, it is ideal to use speed that is deemed as optimal by metal detector manufacturers. Before you begin on any searches, it is best to read the manual of your gold detector.
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Frequency – most of the gold detectors operate in low signal frequencies that’s between 5 to 10 khz as well as 15 to 20 khz. The reason for this is that, low frequencies are able to go deeper underground. So, if you’re trying to target objects such as coins, rings or similar objects, then detectors with frequencies between 5 to 20 khz is what you should be using.
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Several multi-frequency gold detectors which are costly surfaced on the market few years ago and all claim to the benefit of in-depth performance and gold detection. You as a customer on the other hand ought to be cautious with your decision since some are true to their words while others only overstate their claims.

If you will notice, not one gold detector manufacturer has specified the detection depth of their devices. For end users, this causes confusion and the reason is, there are many things that affect depth detection similar to moisture, ground type and the likes. And manufacturers of such detector won’t specify specific depth range as another manufacturer will specify higher range.