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Building a Successful Restaurant Franchise The secret for a long lasting restaurant franchise is knowing when and how much to buy it. For franchise restaurant buyers, here are some helpful tips. The true picture of a business’ earnings can be found in its books and records. A good restaurant franchise to buy is that which is already established and known to have years of earnings. If you are interested in a franchise because of the training or the brand, you can pursue your desires but do it with the tips below if you want to profit greatly from it. If you want to know how the first three years of a franchise looks like, read on. Usually one learns about a franchise and gets excited about its potential to make money and one is willing to build it from scratch. The cost of a new restaurant franchise is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Usually, new franchise owners a very eager to make millions out of their investment. Even before he starts his business there are already fees and rentals that he needs to pay and this is before he gets his first decent sale. After a tough first year he realizes that this is not the way to go, calls a restaurant broker and sells his franchise. He realizes that it is a money losing operation and he can only get back a fourth on his investment. And this is only if he has a good franchise concept and a strong site.
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If someone is smart, he will pick up this losing franchise to become its second owner. Though this second owner might still be losing, he acquires the franchise at a much lower cost. So this new owner is able to keep the sales with the fixed costs and he works hard by himself and then sees himself make money. However, this second owner gets discouraged when he realizes he may not have such a great deal after all because when he adds up time in the business against his return, he is really making very little, and thus ends up selling the franchise again.
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The earnings of the franchise has value and the third franchise owner gets the deal with this value. This third buyer now has the real opportunity because the sales cycle already has matured and all costs are covered. Sales are growing and the business is profitable. The cost of capital for buyer number three is minimal and the business can easily service the debt. This business cycle of franchise restaurant ownership shows why buyers should follow the rules of three in buying franchise restaurants. It is the third restaurant owner who usually reaps the benefits and now the first two. Buy a franchise on its third year of operation because sales are still trending up and the restaurant is making money.