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Scuba Diving Certification – What Happens during the Training

How is a scuba diving certification obtained? You can’t sneak into getting the certificate without actually going through a certified scuba diving course. Although the training may seem like it’s purely fun, you need to be taught by professionals, especially that this course is a regulated activity. You will receive your certification once you are done with the training.

You can find a lot of scuba diving agencies today. However, it would be best to get trained by the ones found in your locality. You have to understand though that different trainers use varied teaching methods. So, what should you expect during the training?

First you have to undergo classes for scuba diving basics. You will be taught all about scuba diving including lessons on the concept, theories and safety methods of the activity. You have to learn everything about hand signals for underwater communication, safety practices and precautionary measures. Most importantly, you will be taught about the equipment to use how to use them and what to do in case something happens. Most of the time, you will be given basic lessons on the relationship of the water pressure and the actual depth of the water.
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If the trainers think that you are ready to go underwater, you will now move forward to training in confined waters. By this time, you will now be using the actual equipment as you are taught how to breathe in them. You need to practice and master the skills for buoyancy and surfacing. However during this stage, you will only be training in a pool or a specific tank for training. Most of the time, the participants will need to go through a practical exam to measure your skills in scuba diving.
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Once you pass the test, you can now advance to open water training. In this phase of the course, your professional instructor will lead, guide and asses your skills in the open water. You will be allowed to practice until you are confident enough to go through the real scuba diving experience on your own. Once the instructor feels that you are ready, you will be given a final test and then you will receive your scuba diving certification once you pass it.

One of the most important things that you need to consider when getting your scuba diving certificate would be to be trained only by the best professionals. Although you can find many trainers for your NJ scuba lessons today, not all of them can teach you at the same professional level. Before signing up for a training, make sure that you know your trainer’s background. Also, consider if the trainers can offer their service at a reasonable rate.