India gemstone Tycoon incentive 1260 autos and 400 condominiums

India diamond hengduolejiya in India ahead of Diwali, according to Coach Bags official website reported that he sent out 400 apartments, 1260 vehicles and 56 jewelry gift as a reward. According to reports, local time on 28th, in India, Surat diamond export company hengduolejiya announced at the weekend before Diwali come, cars, apartments and againjewelry and cars and other valuables rewards employees for their efforts to reach goals.

Duolejiya mentioned: “our target is always to make every employee have a Property plus a car within the next five-years, so that we made the decision to give to employees, apartments and carscars and jewelry. “He was quoted saying, this award over the past five years, was a worker of excellence and dedication recognized. India Periods records, these incentives involve 400 condominiums, 1260 cars and 56 precious jewelry gift cases worth around 500 million rupees ($ 50.68 mil yuan). Duolejiya for 400 workers who be given a smooth added bonus buy condo acquisitions, and also over another five years to pay for RS 5000 each month mortgage loan.

Usually receive candies and chocolate, though india most employees can receive the boss during Diwali gift. Duolejiya 2012 has been big spenders, that year there were 3 employees because the cars were well received. 2014 duolejiya 491 vehicles and 207 flats accolade 1716 employees. Coach Shop monetary station from scratch duolejiya establish one example for other internet marketers, specifically, satisfactory earnings, along with suitable. Duolejiya precious stone companies are now getting twelve-monthly turn over of 600 billion rupees (about 60.9 billion yuan), items purchased in 75 countries worldwide.