Helping You Get Your Finances Under Control

We have all heard the horror stories of the typical Payday Loan businesses that charge an arm and a leg for their services. Crest Financial is not one of those businesses. Crest understands that financial assistance is needed from time to time for everyone, and they take an innovative approach towards filling this need. Part of this approach is not to put the customer in more of a financial bind than they already are. They are here to help, not hurt.


There are many retailers across the country, reputable and well known, who have partnered with Crest Financial to help with the needs of consumers who just need a little financial push in the right direction. They make it easy for consumers to acquire the merchandise needed to continue living a quality of life they deserve, and they do not make the consumer feel like second class citizens in the process.

What makes this company unique in yet another way, is their partnership with retailers. A consumer gets financial help, but that help is curtailed by way of only being able to shop at certain retailers. This is not your typical across-the-board lease or line of credit. This is money the consumer uses for what they immediately need at retailers who have the quality products that fit those needs.

This is basically a twist on a conventional lease or line of credit in that it is narrower in scope, more streamlined, personalized and simply more productive from a shopping standpoint. This innovative approach is catching the attention of many consumers, many of which cannot get help because of their credit history. It is also the darling of many retailers because it brings in a customer base that may very well have never shopped there before.

If you have never done this sort of thing, that’s okay. Crest makes everything easy to understand and their customer service is top shelf. Many people have said that they have gotten the impression that the customer service staff has a genuine interest in helping them in this regard. This feeling of acceptance is rare in the financial world these days when everything and everybody can come across as being very unfriendly and cut-throat.

This is a company that makes it clear what the main benefit of financial assistance is: Getting a push in the right direction so you can better handle the finances you have so that, in return, you will be more stable in the future. This is what financial assistance was meant to be.